Tameka Pettigrew

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Tameka Pettigrew is a Group Fitness Instructor with over 10 years of corporate fitness experience. Her gift to inspire healthy lifestyles by making fitness fun began with her love for Hip-Hop. Tameka began teaching Hip-Hop dance classes to youth and young adults throughout New England during her time in Boston as a student at Brandeis University. Her gift of dance, love for people and passion for fitness resulted in Tameka quickly learning, mastering and teaching other dance formats such as Zumba, Kickboxing, Strike, Amp Cycle, Strength and Core. 

Tameka's ability to energize a room is like no other. Her physicality, coupled with a warm spirit makes every class experience a unique one. Her ability to “Blend” different dance styles and formats makes her one of the industries most diverse, dynamic and multifaceted instructors in fitness. In addition to “Blending” styles and formats, Tameka has also mastered the art of helping her students understand how to effectively “Blend” Faith, Family and FUN with Fitness to help simplify the crazy lifestyles that many of her students and clients struggle with balancing everyday.